Waiting times

If you call us to make an appointment, you should take into account the following registration waiting time before you can come to us for a diagnosis. At ADHDcentraal, this registration waiting time does depend on the insurance company with which you are insured.

Due to limited capacity, it may not be possible to schedule you until 2023. Please contact our information number for details regarding your personal situation.

The waiting times per location

Den Haag30weeks
Maastricht 20weeks

Latest update:

2022-11-10 12:03:47

No treatment waiting period

At ADHDcentraal there is no treatment waiting period (waiting period between intake and actual treatment). On the first day, the diagnosis day, treatment starts immediately if a diagnosis has been made.

If you find the waiting time too long, you can always contact your health insurer and ask for waiting list mediation. Your healthcare insurer can support you in ensuring that you receive an intake interview within 4 weeks of your first contact with a healthcare provider, and that treatment starts within 10 weeks of the intake. These are the maximum acceptable waiting times jointly agreed by care providers and health insurers.