Complaint Resolution

Complaints and Objections

The staff at ADHDcentraal makes every effort to ensure that your treatment runs optimally. Still, you may not be satisfied. Your experience can be an important signal for ADHDcentraal to improve certain things. Therefore, we like to hear your experience, complaint and/or objection directly from you and always try to solve it together first.

Discuss with the person involved or a member of management

If you have comments, problems or are dissatisfied with the way things are going, please make this known to the person concerned as soon as possible so that you can jointly see how to resolve it. If you do not find a response there or your complaint is not handled to your satisfaction please contact the appropriate manager of the location. Consultation can sometimes clear up misunderstandings quickly or even provide an immediate solution.

Complaint Mediation

If you don’t manage to resolve the complaint with us, the complaints officer can help you. This officer can inform and support you and assist you in mediating between you and ADHDcentraal. For this independent complaint mediation, you can contact Quasir.

Quasir expertise center complaints, calamities and disputes care and welfare

The complaints officer to be reached at the email address For more information, also visit Quasir’s website:

Submit official (written) complaint to management

If, despite the support and mediation of the complaints officer, your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can file an official complaint with the ADHDcentraal management. You must do this in writing. The complaints officer can help you draft the letter. ADHDcentraal provides a response within 6 weeks. The answer includes an opinion and resolution of your complaint. Management will let you know what will happen to your complaint and within what time frame.

Care Dispute Authority

If no solution can be found despite Quasir’s mediation or if you are not satisfied with ADHDcentraal’s handling of the complaint and its decision there is the possibility of submitting the dispute to the arbitration body to which ADHDcentraal is affiliated: Stichting Zorggeschil.

Should you wish to enter into the process with Stichting Zorggeschil there may be costs involved. You pay a €50 complaint fee. Health Care Dispute Resolution Body issues a binding ruling. You may be ordered to contribute up to €500 in litigation costs.

Care Dispute Authority

Infographics Quasir and Stichting Zorggeschil

Objection to no show invoice

Unfortunately, it frequently happens that a patient does not show up to an appointment without notice. This prevents us from using this time for another patient. To keep our care accessible, we ask that you let us know in a timely manner when you cannot attend an appointment. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment. For an appointment on a Monday, it must be cancelled by noon on Friday.

If you do not reschedule or cancel the treatment appointment on time (<24 hours or by Friday 12:00 for a Monday appointment), a no show fee will be charged. The fee for this is €60, – You must pay this bill yourself. Health insurance does not reimburse this “no-show bill.”

If you have received a no-show invoice and disagree with it, you can object by filling out the following form. We will get back to you as soon as possible whether the objection is upheld.

Note: There must be a clear and explicit situation of force majeure for the objection to have a chance of being upheld.

Whistleblower policy

These regulations contribute to ADHDcentraal’s careful handling of a (suspected)

abuse. These regulations reflect the fact that reporters of (suspected) wrongdoing who act in good faith enjoy protection. For ADHDcentraal, a provision for internal reporting of suspected wrongdoing is an important tool to fulfill its social responsibility if necessary. This arrangement also contributes to an open and safe organizational culture in which the employees of ADHDcentral feel involved in and responsible for the organization.