Our treatment

Fortunately, ADHD can be treated effectively. Treatment consists of a combination of Psycho-education, Medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that we use together to the best of our ability.
Psychoeducation helps you understand what happens with ADHD and what treatment will do to you. The medication will reduce the symptoms making you feel calmer and better able to concentrate. In CBT, you will work with your old behaviors and their patterns. This combination and individual counseling leads this to less chaos and more focus and therefore a better quality of life.

Our treatment team consists of:


  • (master) mental health nursing specialist, also directional practitioner
  • (master) psychologist
  • psychiatrist


In Psycho-education, you will receive clear information about the onset and course of ADHD symptoms, the impact of the symptoms on your functioning and what treatment options are available.

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If you have been diagnosed with ADHD, you will receive trial treatment with methylphenidate or dexamphetamine immediately, if you wish.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

With CBT, you work to learn new patterns of behavior. So that together with the medication, if any, you can get real effect on reducing your concentration problems, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

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What do we do, what don’t we do?

ADHDcentraal is an expert agency in the field of ADHD and ADD. ADHDcentraal provides careful, state of the art, specialty medical diagnostics and treatment in adults. The diagnostic day at ADHDcentraal includes highly advanced testing and components that allow for treatment tailored to the individual. Therefore, we can only accept people who have also completed the diagnostic day with us.

ADHD is often accompanied by other psychological problems such as mood problems, anxiety symptoms, substance use, sleep problems, negative self-image, fear of failure and personality problems. Our treatment is tailored to treat ADHD and ADD as a primary diagnosis. We treat other mental health problems with them unless they appear to be so severe that they are on the forefront, require specialist help, need to be able to provide 24-hour care or have a clinic behind them.