About us

ADHDcentraal was born out of the desire to do things differently in the mental health system, and to do things better ourselves. That means that everyone who works at ADHDcentral is interested in the patient. The patient is central; the organization is not leading. By focusing on a specific target group, we offer a high level of quality and efficient care. Crystal-clear diagnostics and treatment, consistent quality and a commitment to doing everything right the first time.


Our Mission:

Provide top-quality diagnostics and short-term treatment to adult patients with ADHD.

Our Vision:

By focusing on one specific target group, we can achieve a high level of quality and provide efficient care. In which expertise at the front door, protocol-based work, clear expectation management and continuous scientific research on what can be done better are prerequisites.

In addition to our social mission, ADHDcentraal’s goal is to ensure the continuity of our healthcare services by achieving a healthy and sustainable operating profitability.

ADHDcentraal’s core values are:


We work from a well-structured organization and with a professionally trained team.


We make clear agreements and stick to them.


Fewer symptoms and a more successful life for our patients. That is what drives us.


Our methods are clearly stated on our website. We decide with patient and not about patient.


We design our care based on medical content considerations and do not compromise on quality.


We actively seek innovative treatment options and actively contribute to innovation in our field.


We are able to adapt our way of working to the latest medical, organizational and social insights.