Waiting times ZEKUR


Application stop

We are unfortunately unable to process new applications. Notified past patients currently on the waiting list may still enter care after the waiting period expires.

The waiting time may vary by health insurance company. This is due to different budget agreements with health insurers. Thus, the number of patients ADHDcentraal can treat per year varies by health insurer. Of course, we strive to make appropriate arrangements with each health insurance company, but practice shows that budget agreements can result in not every patient being able to receive treatment in the foreseeable future. So this creates differences in waiting times for each insurer.

Waiting list mediation

If you find the waiting time for diagnostics too long, you can always contact your health insurance company and ask for waiting list mediation. In principle, your health insurer must ensure that you receive an intake interview within 4 weeks from your first contact with a health care provider, and further that you can start treatment within 10 weeks of the intake. These are the maximum acceptable waiting times agreed upon jointly by healthcare providers and healthcare insurers (the Treek standard).

Contact here ZEKUR for waiting list mediation