Frequently asked questions

Below you find the most frequently asked questions.
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When can I visit you?

For an overview of the current waiting times per location, click here.

What does treatment cost?

If we have a contract with your health insurer or if you have a 100% reimbursement policy, you do not pay any additional costs, except for your own outstanding deductible. If we do not have a contract with your health insurer, you will pay a “personal contribution” of €250 after the diagnosis day and treatment. You will also have to pay your health insurer your outstanding deductible.

Here you can watch an informative video or read more about costs and reimbursement here.

Personal contribution medication
Medication has an important place in the treatment of ADHD. This medication will be prescribed by us and supplied by your pharmacist. Depending on the medication prescribed, a personal contribution might be necessary under the Health Insurance Act. This is capped at €250 by law. The personal contribution will be charged to you by your own insurer. This does not involve ADHDcentraal.
You may have supplemental insurance for these costs. Inquire about this with your insurer. Some manufacturers have a refund scheme for the personal contribution. See the following links for more information:
Reimbursement policy Tentin
Reimbursement policy Elvanse

Do you have a contract with my health insurer?
For an overview of the health insurers ADHDcentraal has a contract with for 2022, please click here
For more information about the 2023 status, click here.
Does my health insurance company reimburse everything?

For an overview of the current waiting times per location, click here.

How can I register?

We would like to receive a letter of referral from your GP or directing practitioner in the GGZ. The letter of referral can be safely sent via, for example, Zorgdomein. It is important that the referrer refers to us, ‘ADHDcentraal’, explicitly, and there is a specific reference to the specialist mental healthcare (GGZ).

Do I need a referral?

Yes, you always need a referral from your GP or directional practitioner/GGZ. See also: “How can I register?

Can I register my child under 18?

We offer ADHD care that is (largely) reimbursed by health insurance, to adults aged 18 and over. We also developed a program specifically for 16 and 17 year olds with ADHD symptoms. This program has to be paid for yourself. You will find more information about this here.

What does a diagnosis day entail?
Here you will find an informative video about the course of the diagnosis day.

What does the treatment entail?

In consultation with you, the patient, a treatment plan is formed which is centralized around your needs. The form of treatment is often one of the following care paths:

  1. Medication in combination with psychoeducation and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), or
  2. Medication in combination with psychoeducation.

During and after your treatment, you can access our E-health environment.

Can I also use your services if I do not want to be treated with medication?

In collaboration with you, we will look for a treatment that is in line with your needs and that provides the best possible results. Our years of experience have taught us that medication plays an important role in the treatment of ADHD. Besides medication, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can also be used.

During the diagnosis day, we are happy to explain how the medication works, what types of medication there are and offer you the opportunity to experience the effects of medication under supervision.

Can I be scheduled for a location further away with shorter waiting times?

We will schedule your appointment at the location closest to where you live. This is taking into account the possibility of follow-up appointments that may take place as part of the treatment. For information about the possibilities of a fully online treatment at a location further away, please contact Team Information and Planning at:

Can I be placed on a list for when places become available intermediate?

Occasionally places become available in the meantime, but unfortunately this is does not happen often enough to satisfy all the requests that we receive.

I already have a diagnosis, can I come to you for treatment only?

If the diagnosis has already been made in the past, you can come to us as well. It is important to know that we do the diagnostics again and rely on our own observation. Our care and treatment are tailored to your personal situation and capabilities. To ensure this, we start with a day of diagnosis. After that, we will draw up a treatment plan in collaboration with you.

If you have recently (<1 year ago) had your diagnosis made at another institution, please contact your health insurer to find out if they will reimburse you for a possible second diagnosis at ADHDcentraal.

Can I bring my medication when going abroad?

For travelling abroad with medication we advise you to always check the latest situation on the website of the cak.Whether you need a medical statement depends on the medicine, the country you are travelling to and the duration of your travels. As long as you are in treatment with us, ADHDcentraal takes care of the medical statement. You can request the medical statement through your practitioner. It is not necessary to fill out the document yourself. Your practitioner needs the following information:

  • number of your passport / ID card
  • exact duration of your travels including the travel dates.

If you are no longer in treatment with us, you can request the medical statement through your GP.

Why did I receive an invoice for an appointmet I did not attend?

Unfortunately it occurs regularly that a patient does not show up for an appointment. Because of this, we cannot use this time for another patient. To keep our care accesible, we ask you to let us know in a timely manner if you are unable to come to your appointment. You can cancel your appointment or reschedule for free up to 24 hours before your appointment. If the appointment is on Monday, it needs to be cancelled before Friday 12 pm.


If you do not reschedule or cancel the appointment on time (< 24 hours or Friday 12pm for an appointment on a Monday in advance), a no-show rate will be charged. The rate is €60. The health insurance does not cover the “no-show bill”.


If you received a no-show invoice and you do not agree, you can object by filling in the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible if the objection is declared justified.


I want to object against an invoice for an appointment I did not attend. How can I do this?

Objecting against a no-show invoice can only be done in writing via this link.

Have you received an invoice from Infomedics?

For more information, go to the infomedics page.