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Psycho-education actually begins right when you register with us. At ADHDcentraal, we encourage you to learn about ADHD and symptoms similar to ADHD. We hereby give you all the most informative websites:


ADHD brochure
ADHD Network

Patients Association

Impulse & word blind

Scientific information

Science Direct

Study Problems

Study Tips

The psychoeducation we offer, in a group setting, is a course that gives you an understanding of ADHD from a psychological and medical standpoint. The psychoeducation consists of two 45-minute online meetings where a psychologist and Nurse Specialist educate you. Of course, there will be room for interaction and questions from participants. All course materials can also be found in our eHealth program.

Psychoeducation is, of course, an ongoing and continuous process. Besides the general basic course, it is also part of the further individual treatment, it is tailored to you as a person and the progress of the process you are in.