Psycho-education is interpreted by ADHDcentraal in the broadest sense and actually starts the moment you register with us.

We encourage you to look into ADHD (and complaints similar to ADHD) by referring to reliable information on the internet.

Mind is an indepent organisation that wants to support the psychological health of all people that are dealing with their mental health. They give a good explanation about ADHD and give tips on how to deal with ADHD:

You can find links to the patient association and the ADHD Network here:

For much (English) scientific information we would like to refer you to these documents.

Are you mainly suffering from study related problems? A couple of universities offer great online studying tips, for example Utrecht University:

If you get sufficient support from an explanation about ADHD (and complaints similar to ADHD) and the given tips on how to deal with ADHD, the need to have your GP determine whether you need a diagnosis and treatment might be slight. If the need remains, we offer diagnostics, additional psycho-education and treatment.

After the diagnosis we offer a variety of possibilities such as our psycho-education course and a series of eHealth modules.

The psycho-education we offer (in groups), is a basic course which gives you insight into ADHD from a psychological and medical point of view. The psycho-education consists of two online meetings of 45 minutes in which a psychologist and a nurse practitioner will provide you with information and there is space for interaction and questions from participants. The presentation used during the course, can be found in our eHealth environment, together with additional information.

However, psycho-education is an ongoing and continual process. Aside from the general basic course, it is also a part of further individual treatment. Tailored specifically to you as an individual and the progress of your personal process.