Financial explanation about invoices from Infomedics

You have received an invoice from Infomedics because ADHDcentraal does not have a contract with your health insurer. Due to this, it is not possible to settle the costs of your treatment directly with your health insurer. In this letter we explain the proceedings of the financial processing of the treatment costs. We advise you to read the content thoroughly to prevent delays in the reimbursement of your healthcare costs.

In 2022, the system of costs and payment within mental health (GGZ) has changed drastically. Due to the introduction of a new system, your first invoice may come later than you had expected. This is due to nationwide delays. If your treatment continues after October 2022, from now on you will receive a monthly invoice which you will also need to submit to your health insurer. Even if your treatment already is completed, you may still receive a final invoice for consultations that cannot yet be processed at this stage. Read more about the billing system here.

Read the frequently asked questions about Infomedic invoices and payment reminders at the bottom of this page.

Below are the steps to be followed for financial processing. For smooth processing, it is important that you carry out step 3 on time.

  1. If your e-mail address or home address has changed after your registration, please inform us immediately. Within a week, Infomedics will send you an invoice by e-mail with the full cost of the treatment.
    Do not pay this invoice, but send this full invoice directly to your health insurer with which you were insured in the period stated on the invoice (digitally or by post). For example: if the consultations on the invoice took place in 2022, the invoice should be submitted to the health insurer with which you were insured in 2022.
  2. Save a copy of the invoice for yourself or note the payment details on the giro slip.
  3. From your health insurer, you will receive an invoice or declaration overview, showing how much you will be reimbursed by them.
    Send a copy or scan of this overview as soon as possible by e-mail to:
  4. Based on the overview you sent us, we will determine what you will actually have to pay. We will send you this final settlement by e-mail or, on request, by post.
    You have to pay the final amount calculated by us to Infomedics yourself. If you are unable to pay the invoice before the payment date stated on the invoice, please call Infomedics at 036-2031900 to request an extension of payment to avoid extra costs. We also pass on the final bill to Infomedics so that they know how much you will pay to them.

You remain responsible for paying the invoice, so please pay attention!

On what is the amount at point 4 based?

Your health insurer may not reimburse the full amount. This may be the case for two reasons:

1. Deductible

Firstly, there is the statutory excess. This is € 385 (or a maximum of € 885 if you have opted for this voluntarily). As long as this has not been used up, your health insurer will calculate the costs of your treatment at ADHDcentraal against your outstanding deductible. This does not only apply to ADHDcentraal, but to all specialist mental healthcare treatments. In most cases the insurer will settle the costs on account of any outstanding deductible excess directly with you.

2. Personal contribution

We do not have a contract with your health insurer. As a result, your health insurer may not reimburse an extra amount in addition to the deductible. But the good news is: we cover a significant amount of the part that they do not reimburse.
But you also pay a part yourself: that is the personal contribution. If you started treatment with us after the diagnosis day, the personal contribution is €250. If you were referred back to the GP by us after the diagnosis day, for example because the ADHD diagnosis was not made, a reduced personal contribution of € 100 applies.
The personal contribution will be charged with the first invoice.

If you have any questions about this, please email or call 088 3131 231 (available on mon till thu from 9.00 till 12.00)

Frequently asked questions about Infomedic invoices and payment reminders

I already paid my invoice. Why am I receiving this reminder?

When your invoice is paid a few days before the reminder, it is possible that the payment has not yet been processed by Infomedics. For more information, you can email us at We can then check the financial status of your invoice for you.

I have send my reimbursement overview, but I have not received a response yet. Why do I get this reminder?

When you have send the reimbursement overview a few days before this reminder, it is possible that it has not been processed yet. We do everything we can to process this overview as quickly as possible and send you a response. When you have not received a payment reminder within 4 business days, please email us at vergoedingen@adhdcentraal.nlWe can then check for you what is causing the delay.

Why do I have to pay the full invoice? What is going on here?

The amount on our invoice, which you have received via Infomedics, concerns the total costs of your declared treatments. Read the 4 steps which are described above about the financial process throroughly and firstly make sure to submit your invoice to your health insurer. The amount you will have to pay to Infomedics is the reimbursement of your health insurer, your possible outstanding deductible and a maximum personal contribution of €250,00.