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At ADHDcentraal, we are happy to investigate with you whether you do indeed have ADHD. You can choose whether you only want a diagnosis or, after the diagnosis, you also want to start treatment immediately.

Unique at ADHDcentraal is that we diagnose in one day. With us, you don’t have to sit in uncertainty for months whether or not you have ADHD. Through smart planning and proper preparation, we are able to work with you to diagnose in one day.

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Fortunately, ADHD can be treated effectively. Treatment consists of a combination of Psycho-education, Medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that we use together to the best of our ability.

Psychoeducation helps you understand what happens with ADHD and what treatment will do to you. The medication will reduce the symptoms making you feel calmer and better able to concentrate. In CBT, you will work with your old behaviors and their patterns. This combination and individual counseling leads this to less chaos and more focus and therefore a better quality of life.

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ADHDcentraal focuses its care on a specific target group, therefore we are able to provide high quality and efficient care. We provide crystal-clear diagnostics and, in consultation with you, we implement treatment. We deliver consistent quality and want to do everything right the first time.

ADHDcentraal’s core values are:


We work from a well-structured organization and with a professionally trained team.


We make clear agreements and stick to them.


Fewer symptoms and a more successful life for our patients. That is what drives us.


Our methods are clearly stated on our website. We decide with patient and not about patient.


We design our care based on medical content considerations and do not compromise on quality.


We actively seek innovative treatment options and actively contribute to innovation in our field.


We are able to adapt our way of working to the latest medical, organizational and social insights.