Meet Laetesha, location assistant in Zwolle

Laetesha location assistant Zwolle

“Actually, I’m kind of a hostess. Me you see first when you come into our house.”

Can you explain what your position is and what you do like?

I am location assistant at our location in Zwolle. As a site assistant, I have many different duties. Actually, I’m kind of a hostess. Me you see first when you enter our house. I help people sign in, give them a tour and help with tests people have to take while they are here. I am there all day for people if there are questions. But besides that, I also do all kinds of administrative things, arrange tasty sandwiches, answer emails and get files in order. It’s a super fun and varied job!

Why did you choose to work at ADHDcentral?

Fair? ADHDcentraal is in Zwolle and I live in Zwolle. No, I just really enjoy working in healthcare. It is important to me to be able to contribute in healthcare. This is how I feel I contribute to our society.

What does a workday of yours at ADHDcentraal look like?

As a site assistant, I am the first one on location. I turn on all the lights, turn on all the systems and open everything. At 8 a.m., the first patient usually arrives and the day really begins. Every day is different. I make sure the whole day goes smoothly for everyone. I am the go-to person for everyone in the building. Whether I know the answer or not, everyone comes to me when there is a question. Don’t I know? Then I’ll look it up!

Do you have an example of a situation where you felt you could really make a difference for the patients of ADHDcentraal?

I have had people come in quite nervous and then come up to me at the end of the day to thank me for putting them at ease. Sometimes people also prefer to come to the location instead of meeting online, just because they like it here.

What do you get the most energy from in your work at ADHDcentral?

When I get a lot done in a day, it energizes me!

What superpower would you like to have that could be useful in your work at ADHDcentral?

Sometimes it would be very helpful if I could split myself up! At times that would be a superpower that would suit me.

What would you give people who want to apply for a job at ADHDcentral?

It’s really a lot of fun here. When I came to work here I immediately thought: what a beautiful building! But also my colleagues. Everyone is super approachable. This is so in every location. Everyone is interested in each other, makes pleasant conversation, is open. That makes me really like it here.


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