Meet Jilldine, site manager in Groningen

Meet Annemieke, location assistant in Utrecht

“There is a fine energy with our target audience.”

Can you explain what your position is and what you do like?

When the Groningen location started, I started as a nurse specialist. That was in June 2021. Since last year, in addition to being a nursing specialist, I have also been a site manager. As site manager, I try to make sure everyone can do their job, so that schedules and agendas are correct. On downtime, I coordinate with scheduling colleagues, do performance reviews, job applications, probationary interviews. It is a very broad and varied position.

Why did you choose to work at ADHDcentral?

In 2019, I once shadowed a location manager in Zwolle. I immediately loved that! Nice audience and the treatment has a clear beginning and end. But Zwolle, unfortunately, was too far. So when the Groningen location opened I immediately wanted to work there.

There is a fine energy with our target group. They often come in full of expectation and are sometimes tense. In people diagnosed with ADHD, you often see puzzle pieces fall into place.

What does a workday of yours at ADHDcentraal look like?

If I have a diagnostics day I am at the location at quarter to eight. On such a day, I see two patients. On other days, I do lots of other things. I have some medication consultations, I answer my emails, make probationary calls, order trial medication, approve vacations. My door is always open, it’s a sweet spot, people know how to find me happily. No day is the same here.

Do you have an example of a situation where you felt you could really make a difference for the patients of ADHDcentraal?

I think we make a difference for patients every day. It’s very decisive because we do diagnostics in one day. Patients have often been on the waiting list for some time, and we can offer them clarity. That’s when you make a difference.

What do you get the most energy from in your work at ADHDcentral?

I like the variety. No day is the same. And what you get back from patients. If they are happy with the clarity and with the treatment.

What superpower would you like to have that could be useful in your work at ADHDcentral?

If I could split myself up it would be very welcome. I just love working and would like to do even more!

What would you give people who want to apply for a job at ADHDcentral?

As an organization, we are looking at opportunities. If there are wishes, they are always looked at and considered. And if you really like treatment with a clear head and tail then you have come to the right place at ADHDcentral.


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