Meet Haitze, site manager in Nieuwegein


“I get energized when everything runs as it should and I can be there for the colleagues and for the patients.”

Can you explain what your position is and what you do like?

As site manager, I am responsible for the well-being of the team. I direct, but I also support. I also do treatments and diagnostics. This is important to stay in touch with patient care.

For colleagues, I am the point of contact. Working with the Management Team, I try to translate to the site. Together, we want to keep diagnostics and patient care at a high level.

Why did you choose to work at ADHDcentral?

I have always been very interested in the symptoms of ADHD and especially in women. In men, it is often the primary complaints that predominate. While in women, secondary symptoms often come into play, causing them to experience ADHD in a different way.

I also wanted to treat patients who voluntarily want to be treated and thus mainly ask for treatment themselves. Our patients come here with complaints and want to be helped.

What does a workday of yours at ADHDcentraal look like?

It varies enormously from day to day. I arrange for things to go through without people really noticing. I try to keep control of the schedule and make sure there are no gaps. I have conversations with the team, as well as individually, and try to empower everyone. I also see patients and have contact with family doctors, for example. But most importantly, I am there for colleagues and my door is always open.

Do you have an example of a situation where you felt you could really make a difference for the patients of ADHDcentraal?

I think that at ADHDcentraal we conduct diagnostics in a unique way, so the patient is seen by several specialists in one day. Should ADHD be diagnosed, the treatment can also start on that day and is immediately followed up. You won’t find that anywhere in the Netherlands and that really makes a difference for the patient.

What do you get the most energy from in your work at ADHDcentral?

I am energized when everything runs as it should and I can be there for colleagues and patients. That you can organize the location so that the patient can continue to follow the diagnostics and treatment. Because the patient remains central. Otherwise, I won’t have to manage the location either.

What superpower would you like to have that could be useful in your work at ADHDcentral?

I would like to make time stand still. From my core, I am very solution-oriented. When I am forced to sit back a little more, it can sometimes be quite useful.

What would you give people who want to apply for a job at ADHDcentral?

What I love about ADHDcentraal is that it is a very flat, accessible and collegial organization. Not big and bulky at all. This is exceptional within the mental health industry.


Have you become excited about working at ADHDcentraal?