Meet Daniëlle, psychologist in Groningen


“By focusing on one target audience you can effect more change I think. “

Can you explain what your position is and what you do like?

I work as a psychologist at the Groningen office. I provide treatment there focused on cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy is primarily focused on bringing structure to patients’ lives and redirecting negative thought patterns to helpful and functional thoughts.

Why did you choose to work at ADHDcentral?

I really like the target audience of ADHDcentral. It’s nice to work with one specific target group, I find. By focusing on one target audience you can effect more change I think.

What does a workday of yours at ADHDcentraal look like?

When I come in, of course, I first say good morning to all my colleagues. I find a room that is free and start up my laptop. We work with a fine system where my calendar containing all my appointments with all patients, but also all consultations with colleagues. The day is divided into examinations, consultations and treatments based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Do you have an example of a situation where you felt you could really make a difference for the patients of ADHDcentraal?

What I find important in my work is making it clear to our patients that there is nothing wrong with them, but that society is not set up for people with ADHD. In fact, people who have ADHD can make a very beautiful contribution precisely because of the way they look at things and how they are put together. As soon as a patient hears that there is nothing wrong with them, but that their brain just works differently, you see the relief! This is where we can really make a difference.

What do you get the most energy from in your work at ADHDcentral?

Helping people, I especially enjoy doing that. Bringing my patients to new insights so that they can function well and sometimes even transcend that from their own qualities and their own way of being. That’s what I like to see.

What superpower would you like to have that could be useful in your work at ADHDcentral?

That’s a good one! I would then want to use an ADHD patient’s superpower for myself. Then I would use a combination of being dynamic, being creative and being super energetic. Then, when you combine the hyperfocus with that positive energy, great things can happen!

What would you give people who want to apply for a job at ADHDcentral?

The first thing I noticed when I came to work here is the nice atmosphere. Because we work with people with ADHD, extra care is naturally taken to ensure that the workplace is calm and pleasant. But the atmosphere among themselves is also really good. And everything is well organized, even in terms of settling in. This also allowed me to work independently quickly. I was so into it!


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