If you are diagnosed with ADHD on the diagnosis day, you will, if so desired, immediately receive an effect measurement with ADHD medication such as methylphenidate or dexamphetamine (medication of first choice). After approximately one and a half hours, you will take the QbTest again. The result of this retest and your experiences will then be discussed with you. In this way, within one day you will not only know whether you have ADHD, but also whether you respond positively to medication. After the diagnostic test, your treatment programme starts immediately and a minimum of four further appointments will follow to further adjust your treatment. Proper adjustment to medication requires time and attention. Is the medication having too little effect on you or are you experiencing too many side effects? Together with you, we will look for other medication that will help you.

The treatment takes several months. After this period, we refer you back to your GP and ask him/her to take over the prescription. If the adjustment to medication takes longer (some drugs require several weeks before the effect can be assessed), we will of course supervise the process before referring you back.