Information about your patient portal

The patient portal is your personal and secure health environment. Together with your practitioner, you use the patient portal to understand your treatment. In the patient portal, you can see, among other things, your appointments, tasks and therapists involved.

You can log in wherever and whenever you want, on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Please note that the patient portal is available in Dutch only.


In your patient portal, you can

  • view all appointments
  • always see your file
  • fill in questionnaires
  • view your prescribed medication
  • read reports from your therapists about your treatment
  • download and view documents such as your referral letter and the letter about your diagnostic day

Your data are safe

The patient portal meets all current security requirements and privacy legislation. Only you and your healthcare provider can view the data in your patient portal. Others cannot access your data.

How to get access

ADHDcentraal gives you access to the patient portal. You will then receive an e-mail with an activation link to create your account. This activation link is valid for 5 days.

Click on the activation link in the e-mail. The patient portal will open. You now create your account. You can choose your own user name and password.

You will receive a code by SMS on your mobile phone. Enter this code to activate your account. You can use the patient portal immediately!

How to log in

You log in with your self-chosen user name and password. Each time you log in, you will receive another code by SMS. This is a unique code. We use it to check that the right person is logging in.


  • Do not share your user name and password with others.
  • Did you not receive an e-mail to create an account? Check if the e-mail is in your junk mail.
  • Delete old SMS codes. This will prevent you from trying to log in with an old SMS code.

Who can answer my questions?

Call 088-3131200, or ask your practitioner.