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Referral by GP or directional practitioner.


Receipt of referral letter by ADHDcentraal


Contact by telephone with ADHDcentraal


Schedule appointment for diagnosis day

Explanation of steps


We would like to receive a letter of referral from your general practitioner or directional practitioner.


The letter of referral can be safely sent via, for example, Zorgdomein. It is important that the referrer refers to us, ‘ADHDcentraal’, explicitly. There should also be a specific reference to the specialist mental healthcare (GGZ).


You will be in contact by phone with someone from our Information and Planning Team. We will give you information about our method and costs, and then discuss the contents of your letter of referral and possibly ask additional questions. Of course you can also ask us questions.

You can reach us at 088 313 1200 (available on working days between 10:00-16:00) when you have questions about our working methods. We will contact you to make an appointment.


We will then schedule an appointment with you. Due to the multitude of applications, there is a waiting time, which can differ per location and is partially dependent on the agreements made with health insurers.
Click here for a current overview of the waiting times


Frequently asked questions:

What are the waiting times?

Current waiting times per location:

Den Haag35weken
Maastricht 3weken

I am on the waiting list, how to proceed?
  1. If you are on the waiting list, it is advisable to visit our psycho education site at this link. Here you can find several links that might help you.
  2. It is important to supply the information and/or questionnaires we request as soon as possible so that we have your file ready for use. This will allow us to prepare the examination properly. Hierdoor kunnen wij het onderzoek goed voorbereiden.
What does my insurance cover?

If we have a contract with your health insurer or if you have a 100% reimbursement policy, you do not pay any additional costs, except for your own outstanding deductible. If we do not have a contract with your health insurer, you will pay a “personal contribution” of €250 after the diagnosis day and treatment. You will also have to pay your health insurer your outstanding deductible.

Watch an informative video here:

What does the treatment entail?

In consultation with you, the patient, a treatment plan is formed which is centralized around your needs. The form of treatment is often one of the following care paths:

  1. Medication in combination with psychoeducation and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), or 
  2. Medication in combination with psychoeducation. 

During and after your treatment, you can access our E-health environment

What does the diagnosis day entail?

Prior to your visit:

  • We ask you and someone you know well to fill in the CAARS (Connors ADHD Adult Rating Scale).
  • In addition, we ask you to prepare for the conversation with the psychologist by reflecting on ages 6-12, your primary school days and to review your school reports.

On the diagnosis day itself:

  • Extensive medical intake
  • Diagnostic Interview for Adults with ADHD (DIVA)
  • QbTest (Objective, computer-based neuropsychological assessment)
  • Psychiatric examination
  • Joint discussion of the results

If you wish, you can start treatment immediately. There is no waiting time between the diagnosis and treatment.

We refer you back to your GP with well-grounded advice.