General terms and conditions before 10 June 2021

Article 1: Payment Famed takes care of the invoicing for ADHDcentraal. The invoice will be presented to you or your health insurer; this depends on your health insurer.

After completion of your treatment, you will receive a more detailed explanation of the financial settlement.

Article 2: Cancellation of appointments You can cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before the time of the appointment. If you do not cancel or the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours, ADHDcentraal has the right to charge the fee.

Article 3: Confidential information and file management The patient’s data that need to be in the administration (name, address, age, medical data) are registered according to the Personal Data Protection Act. This means that the data is not accessible to outsiders. The staff members of ADHDcentraal have a professional secrecy. Without the consent of the patient, no data are passed on to third parties. The patient’s details are stored in a file. After completion of treatment, the family doctor or other referring party, with your permission, will be informed in writing. Your paper file will be given to you or will be destroyed when we conclude the treatment. ADHDcentraal will keep your data electronically for the legally required time and then destroy it. The patient has the right to inspect his/her file.

Article 4: Crisis In case of a crisis, the patient will be referred to the family doctor or local authorities for crisis care.

Article 5: Consent Using this website indicates that you agree with these general terms and conditions.