You think you might have ADHD or ADD? The self-test gives a first impression. ADHDcentraal is happy to investigate further with you. At ADHDcentraal you can choose for diagnostics only or for diagnostics and treatment.

Prior to your visit:

  • We will ask you and someone you know well to complete the CAARS (Connors ADHD Adult Rating Scale).
  • In addition, we ask you to prepare for the interview with the psychologist by looking back at ages 6-12, primary school years and school reports. You are encouraged to bring a loved one (someone who knew you when you were between 5 and 12 years old) to the interview with the psychologist.

On the diagnosis day itself:

  • Extensive medical intake
  • Diagnostic Interview for Adults with ADHD (DIVA)
  • QbTest (objective, computerised neuropsychological examination)
  • Psychiatric examination
  • Joint discussion of the results


If you wish, you can start treatment immediately. There is no waiting time between diagnostics and treatment.


We refer you back to your GP with comprehensive advice.