Coronavirus policy ADHDcentral

ADHDcentraal closely follows the developments of the government and the recommendations of the RIVM. ADHDcentraal has taken measures to reduce the spread and to guarantee the safety of patients and treatment staff as much as possible. These measures are implemented with due regard for the quality and service you have come to expect from us.

On location or digital

ADHDcentraal provides diagnostics and treatment according to the following principle: face-to-face diagnostics, face-to-face or digital treatment, where possible. In consultation between you and your treatment provider, the optimal form will be chosen for your situation.


In principle, diagnosis takes place on location. In the event of any health problems or doubts about this, we can jointly decide to convert the diagnostics to the entirely digital variant. This means that all contact will be made through video telephony and you will be sent a link to take the computer test at home.

CBT and medication consultations

Treatment sessions take place face-to-face on location or via video telephony. In consultation with your therapist, you will make a choice. In order to decide which form suits your situation best, your own preferences and the guarantee of the quality of the treatment are leading. For example, there may be a medical necessity for the contact to be face-to-face/physical, although you would prefer a digital appointment. For example, because you cannot take your own blood pressure.
Again, if you have any health problems or doubts about this, we can jointly decide to convert the follow-up treatment to the entirely digital variant.

Digital appointment via video call, how does it work?

We arrange the appointment via video call. You will need the following items:

  1. A laptop or desktop computer with a working webcam and microphone or – if this is not available – a tablet or mobile phone (smartphone)
  2. A quiet place where you can have private conversations without being disturbed
  3. A place with a good internet connection

Prior to your appointment, you will receive an e-mail from us with a link to our secure video-calling environment. In order to verify that you can have your appointment via video call, your practitioner will contact you by telephone before the appointment.

You can find more information to prepare for a video conference consultation on our video conference page.

What if the video call does not work?

If, for technical or other reasons, the video conference is unsuccessful, your appointment with the doctor will be made by telephone. Your practitioner will call you on the day and time of the appointment.

Your practitioner will call you on a protected (unlisted) number on the day and time of your appointment.

What should I do if I have health problems myself?

If you have any symptoms of illness, as mentioned by the RIVM, we urge you NOT to come to ADHDcentraal, but to contact us.

For the current situation concerning the Coronavirus, go to Phone number of the RIVM: 0800 – 1351.