Complaints and objections

The management and staff of ADHDcentraal do their utmost to ensure that your treatment runs smoothly. Despite the fact that we strive to deliver maximum quality, it may happen that you are not satisfied. We would like to hear this from you. Your experiences can be an important signal for the staff at ADHDcentraal to improve matters.

Discuss with the person concerned or a member of the management

If you have any comments, problems, or are dissatisfied with the course of events, please let the person involved know. We are, of course, willing to look for a solution in consultation with you. Sometimes misunderstandings can be cleared up in such a conversation. If you cannot work things out with the person involved, it is often wise to discuss matters with someone who has more distance. One of the directors will offer to talk to you and try to resolve your complaint.

Complaint mediation

If the complaint cannot be solved in a personal conversation with the management, you can contact Quasir, independent complaint mediation.

Complaint mediation Quasir

The Quasir complaints officer will hear your complaint. The complaints officer will help you formulate your complaint and investigate possible solutions. You will be kept informed of the progress. The complaints officer will take care of the mediation and will hear both sides of the argument. Naturally, your information will be treated confidentially. The complaints officer does not draw up a report on the content, but on the process and the agreements. A solution is recorded in writing and confirmed by both parties. If, despite mediation, no solution is found, the complaints officer refers the complaint back to ADHDcentraal for further treatment. The complaints officer also points out the possibility of submitting the dispute, after further handling by ADHDcentraal, to the arbitration body to which ADHDcentraal is affiliated: Stichting Zorggeschil. You can initiate this by submitting a written complaint to ADHDcentraal. You will receive a written notice of the decision, measures and term of realisation within 6 weeks (this term can be extended by 4 weeks if required).

The complaints officer at Quasir can be reached by telephone (06-48 44 55 38) or via the e-mail address For more information, please also visit the Quasir website:

Disputes body Health care Dispute

If you are not satisfied with the opinion of ADHDcentraal concerning your written complaint, you can submit your complaint to the Disputes Committee for Care Disputes.

You will pay a complaints fee of 50 Euros. The Dispute Resolution Body will make a binding decision. You may be ordered to pay a contribution of up to 500 euros towards the cost of the proceedings. The Dispute Resolution Body can award you a damage claim of up to 25,000 euros. If you are not happy with the decision of the Dispute Resolution Bodyl, you can submit an application for annulment to the Subdistrict Court within 2 months of the decision being made.

We would also like to draw your attention to the possibility of client representation by the Care Client and Council Network (NCZ).

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