References in times of Corona

In these corona times, you as a patient may feel trepidation about going to the doctor. We hear that many people have reservations about getting tested for anything other than suspected corona, cardiovascular disease or cancer. If it’s not very serious, it can wait.

However, in healthcare, there is a developing realization that we are all creating a tremendous reservoir of healthcare demands and that this is not desirable and is no longer necessary. Mental health problems can also seriously affect your life and should be investigated and treated.

If you want to be referred for diagnosis and possible treatment of ADHD, you can help your doctor a lot by doing the ASRS in advance. This is a self-test that was developed by a team of experts from Harvard Medical School for the WHO and is available in many languages. We have this test on our website and offer it to you for free.

Self-test of ADHDcentraal

If the test advises you to contact your family doctor, you can print it out and mail it to him/her. This will support a possible referral.